Stakeholder Consultation Preparation and dissemination of project information, consultation with stakeholders, analysis of feedback and participation in consultative meetings.


All oil and gas projects are required under legislation to undertake stakeholder consultation to one degree or another. For larger companies, internal policies and procedures often require that they consult with the right people to have the right information at the right time in order for stakeholder considerations to be effectively incorporated into project decision-making. Obtaining a ‘social licence to operate’ is a critical factor in the success of any project, so implementing the appropriate approach to stakeholder consultation (tailoring it to the project size, location, duration and local sensitivities) is critically important now more than ever.


Aventus is experienced in coordinating and preparing collateral for stakeholder consultation. This ranges from identifying stakeholders and preparing stakeholder registers, to preparing and disseminating information flyers and consulting directly with individual stakeholders for smaller projects, to assisting specialist stakeholder coordinators with technical environmental input and participating in consultative committees for larger projects.



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