Preparation and delivery of workforce education and induction programs, either office-based (e.g., drilling ‘pre-spud’ meetings)

or on-site pre-work meetings.


EIA is best undertaken when all the key personnel involved in projects are involved in identifying environmental hazards and associated controls. One of the best ways of achieving this is to assemble these key personnel (usually a mix of engineers of various disciplines, HSE professionals, environmental advisors and stakeholder consultation professionals) and allow them to discuss the known and potential hazards associated with activities and ways in which they can be avoided, minimised or mitigated.


Aventus is experienced in facilitating and contributing to these workshops, both screening and detailed. Workshop preparation involves identifying the right people to be involved and undertaking a preliminary screening of hazards, while facilitation essentially involves asking the right people the right questions and documenting that information in a cohesive fashion. This information is often requested by regulators to verify that a thorough consideration of hazards has been considered.



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