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Our consultants are passionate about the energy industry.

Aventus works exclusively on energy projects – we don’t work on roads, rail, mines or ports. We focus on what we know best – working with the petroleum and renewable industries’ complex and specialised approvals processes.

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Aventus has submitted over 25 Environment Plan (EPs) to NOPSEMA, numerous others for Commonwealth waters prior to NOPSEMA’s formation, and many other State-based EPs. We know our ‘ALARP’ from ‘Acceptability’ and ‘Environmental Performance Outcome’ from ‘Environmental Performance Standard.’


Aventus prepares offshore Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEPs) and onshore Oil Spill Contingency Plans (OSCPs). These documents describe the oil spill risks of an activity (be that exploration or operations) and outline the company’s arrangements to respond to such events. Aventus will assist you to tailor your oil spill response strategies to your risk profile.


Aventus auditors can integrate with or lead your audit team, with our Director having provided informal audit training to staff from several client companies. Several of our consultants are qualified as lead auditors in Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Integrated Management Systems (IMS). Aventus has conducted third-party compliance audits against all of the east coast CSG-LNG projects (27 audits in total as of March 2019), along with onshore drilling, pipeline installation and field operations.


Aventus is highly experienced in undertaking offshore audits and inspections on drilling rigs, platforms, support vessels and pipelay barges, having undertaken 12 drill rig-based audits since 2010. We have our FOET/BOSIET qualifications and are always at the ready for that next helicopter ride offshore.

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